Light Rail and Tram Operations

Interoperability, Risk Management and Rules and Regulations

Recent developments in the Light Rail sector mean that regulations will increase in scope and size, with a particular emphasis on safety and standards. We have experience of implementing new standards quickly, safely and within allocated budgets.

Interoperability is another complex area, and there are a number of potential issues which can impact on successfully merging heavy and light rail to operate over the same infrastructure. In 2002, we were part of the team which helped merge the Tyne and Wear Metro light rail system onto the heavy rail network.

We also have extensive knowledge of risk management. When complications arise on the railway, we have experience of creating hazard operability studies and develop controls to demonstrate to the authorities that risks are understood and that the necessary procedures are being implemented to mitigate that risk.

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Control Room Management

Service Delivery, Power Supplies, Signalling and Station Control

We have comprehensive experience working in a control room with multiple functions including signalling, power control to station control with CCTV facilities. In this role we have delivered high levels of train service, incrementally introduced functional changes, and managed sensitive industrial relations while achieving performance targets.

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control room management. Tram and Light Railway Consultant in Uk


Station Management

Underground stations, Fire Safety, Security and Crowd Control

Our tram and light railway consultants in the UK have a comprehensive knowledge of crowd control, regulations for fire safety and management of underground stations. These are high risk areas, but we have worked with Fire Services, Office of Rail and Road (ORR) and other legislative bodies together with stakeholders to ensure that management in this area is efficient, effective and complies with the relevant legislation.

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Project Management

Rail Traffic Management Systems, Fleet refurbishment, Station New Build and Remodelling and Resource Reorganizations

Introduction of new signalling systems within Control, managing areas of fleet refurbishment, providing expertise to project teams, managing station refurbishment and managing complex changes to workforce reorganisations.

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Train Crew Management

Fatigue and Change Management, Resourcing and Productivity

Successful train crew management is ensuring that productivity is maximised but in a safe and effective way. In 2007, we were able to increase driver productivity to 60%, which surpassed industry norms. We were able to implement effective rosters with appropriate rest periods so that the company operated at maximum capacity but importantly, safety was not compromised.

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Train crew Management. Tram and Light Railway Consultant in Uk


Authorisation and Certification

ROGs, Safety Validation and Intervention Audits

Our tram and light railway consultants in the UK have a detailed knowledge of Railways and Other Guided Transport Systems legislation. We can help service providers apply to regulators to obtain the necessary authorisation and certifications.

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Investigations and Techniques

Lead Investigator and RAIB Accredited Agent

We have experience of working with the Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) as accredited agents and producing formal accident reports as Qualified Lead Investigators. Our training and experience have enabled us to produce formal investigations for the attention of the RAIB and ORR. 

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Safety Management

Safety Management Systems, Risk Assessment and Ergonomics

As Chartered Members of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), we have a thorough knowledge of health and safety legislation and risk management. Our knowledge is broad and all encompassing, so we can identify problems, and recommend the appropriate expert, if the issue is specialist in nature.

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Emergency Planning

Emergency Preparedness, Exercises and Disaster Recovery

We have collaborated with Local Resilience Forums in the planning and execution of scenarios to prepare emergency services. As Exercise Director for emergency exercises, we have run scenarios, performed debriefs and created reports to pinpoint areas of improvement.

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Emergency Planning. Tram and Light Railway Consultant in Uk

Bid Management

Tyne and Wear Metro Operating Concession

Companies bidding on concessions and franchises will require knowledge, experience and qualifications for those bids to be successful. As tram and light railway consultants in the UK, we have an exhaustive knowledge of rail systems. We have worked on a bid and understand how to make proposals pertinent, thorough and effective.

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Bid Management, Tram and Light Railway Consultant in Uk

Vertical Integration

Operation, Train Maintenance and Infrastructure Management

From 1980 to 2010, Tyne and Wear Metro was vertically integrated. Between 2010 and 2017 the Railway was split into operations and infrastructure and in 2017 began reintegrating. This required effectively transferring the management of the trains, drivers and control room to DB Regio and back again. Our experience means we understand how to introduce vertical integration successfully and within budgetary constraints.

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Control room refurbishment project. Tram and Light Railway Consultant in Uk


Major Projects

We have completed a number of major projects and system transformations.


  • Sunderland Direct Project
    The first integrated heavy/light rail system in the UK.
  • Bid Team work
    Part of the Metro Concession Bid in 2010.
  • Metro Train Crew Agreement in 2007
    Increasing driver efficiency to 60%.
  • Control Room Reorganisation
    Worked with Newcastle University in an ethnographic study and workload analysis to improve functions and processes.
  • Rail Traffic Management System
    Converting signalling controls from NX panel to Desk Top Computer systems.

Railway standards. Tram and Light Railway Consultant in Uk


Key Skills


  • Creation of Railway Standards compliant with best practice
  • Future tram and light rail systems
  • Safety Management for businesses
  • Management Consultancy
  • Industrial relations issues
  • Project Management
  • Control room standards and management
  • Driver management standards
  • Safety policies
  • Heritage railways




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