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Our Beginnings

Railway Operation and Safety Solutions was created by Ian Rossiter to provide expert tram and light railway consultancy services in the UK. It was formed in response to increased demand for consultants with the expertise and real-life experience of implementing system transformations in the rail sector. Following the Sandilands incident in Croydon, rules and regulations in the tram sector have come under sharp focus. Subsequent recommendations have led to the requirement of a Light Rail Safety and Standards Board (LRSSB) which will necessitate addressing current operations in tram and light railway systems.

Rail systems are often subject to change due to the demands associated with operating a railway. At ROSS, we have practical experience of implementing change in rail systems and understand how to do this effectively, sustainably and ethically.


Our Founder

Ian Rossiter has more than 40 years’ experience in the railway sector with over 20 years in senior management. Ian has worked in a number of roles from shop floor level to senior management strategic roles, managing control rooms and organising driver rosters, this illustrates the depth and scope of his knowledge. These varied roles have allowed Ian to collaborate with a number of different stakeholders and demonstrate the vast experience, skills and knowledge that Ian can bring to a project as a tram and light railway consultant in the UK or worldwide.

Ian is a member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health and UK Tram:

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Our Values



  Corporate Social Responsibility

Our tram and light railway consultants in the UK understand how important it is for corporations to give back to the communities where they operate. This is achieved by companies acting ethically with a particular focus on the environment, corporate governance and health and safety. We will always endeavour to act responsibly so that future growth is always sustainable and justified.



There is always a significant emphasis on sustainability. At ROSS we understand this, and we aim to implement measures that take advantage of renewable resources with a particular regard for the environment. The utilisation of renewable energy sources such as wind power, solar energy and water butts to recycle water is a priority, together with energy conservation through operator behaviour or technical solutions. These strategies ensure that we can make growth long-term and truly sustainable.


   Stakeholder Management

We also strive to include all stakeholders in system overhauls and transformations. If a rail provider needs a new safety policy, almost any company will be able to provide something that is compliant and correct, but at ROSS we examine the company in fine detail to understand their values and cooperate with relevant stakeholders to produce a policy that is relevant, far-reaching and effective.




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