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Railway Operation and Safety Solutions is a consultancy that aims to utilise their extensive experience to provide solutions for a sector that is facing significant changes in how it functions and operates. Recent developments mean that Light Railways and Tramway Operators will need to address a number of reforms and transformations in the immediate future. Our experience at every position of management from Driver to Senior Board Level means we are best placed to identify the best solutions and systems to implement these changes.

Importantly, we take the time to understand systems and processes at the strategic level and in fine detail, to identify realistic and acceptable resolutions that are customer focused, profit-aware, with a focus on safety and quality. It is through our practical experience that our highly qualified consultants can provide bespoke solutions with a particular focus on Light Railway and Tramway Operations. For detailed information about how our tram and light railway consultants in the UK can help you implement change, please get in touch.





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Our tram and light railway consultants in the UK, have practical experience and a thorough understanding of:


Tram and Light Railway Consultant in Uk


Light Rail and Tram Operations

Interoperability, Risk Management and Rules and Regulations

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Control Room Management

Service Delivery, Power Supplies, Signalling and Station Control

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Station Management

Underground stations, Fire Safety, Security and Crowd Control

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fleet refurbishments. tram and light railway consultant in Uk


Project Management

Rail Traffic Management Systems, Fleet Refurbishment, Station New Build and Remodeling and Resource Reorganisations

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Train Crew Management

Resourcing, Productivity, Fatigue and Change Management

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Authorisation and Certification

ROGs, Safety Validation and Intervention Audits

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Authentication, certification, investigation and techniques. Tram and Light Railway Consultant in Uk


Investigations and Techniques

Lead Investigators

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Safety Management

Safety Management Systems, Risk Assessment and Ergonomics

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Emergency Planning

Emergency Preparedness, Exercises and Disaster Recovery

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Vertical Integration, train maintenance and infrastructure maintenance. Train and Light Railway Consultant in Uk


Vertical Integration

Merging of Operation, Train Maintenance and Infrastructure Management

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Bid Management

Providing Expertise in Bidding for Concessions and Franchises

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Our tram and light railway consultants in the UK, have extensive experience of running rail networks and this is rarely straightforward. There are a number of diverse complications that can impact on the networks from natural disasters to operational and infrastructure failures – and the pressing concern is always the same – to find a solution that is cost-effective, efficient and maintain services to the customer by minimizing disruptions. Our practical experience highlights the skills we have in always finding innovative solutions to major challenges.


Our understanding of rail systems has been developed by the number of roles our experts have worked in. With over 40 years of experience, we have worked at a number of levels from Driving and Engineering to Senior Management. This breadth and depth of knowledge means we always have the tools at our disposal to respond to any challenge, however unique.


We aim to implement change in a way that is ethical, responsible and sustainable. Our tram and light railway consultants in the UK are committed to corporate social responsibility and endeavor to find solutions that are long-term and environmentally friendly.


We want to avoid using generic solutions from the railway sector. At Railway Operation and Safety Solutions, we differ in that our particular focus is on Light Railway and Tramway Operators who will be undergoing changes in light of regulatory attention.  Our experience has been in light railway and integrating light rail systems into heavy rail systems. This means we will be particularly skilled in incorporating new standards into light railway and tramway operations effectively and within budgetary constraints.





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